Black Belts 

Sam Dan
   Randy Lohr

       Sam Dan Essay Excerpt

“So now that we have talked about apoptosis, entropy, living foods,
GMO’s vs. organically grown food and dietary supplementation, what will
you choose to do with this information?  My hope is that this is a seed that has planted curiosity and a yearning to learn more about each of these subjects.  There is a tremendous amount of information available for the person(s) willing to make the effort to learn more.  The internet is a great resource for crowd-sourced ideas for better health.  Using discernment and common sense, articles, blogs, posts and comments can be both entertaining and informational.

 Remember, earned knowledge must be followed by action or it is a wasted effort. “

                                                              Tang Soo!

         E Dan

Jared Horn

I have often heard that success breeds success.  I feel like my life has become a living-breathing example of that idea.  My success in Tang Soo Do has led me to countless successes from
reaching Cho Dan Bo to finishing a semester of college.  I even believe my personal relationships are better for my Tang Soo Do training.

   Chelsea Karabin 

Tang Soo Do has improved my life in many ways.  It has not only taught me how to raise my standards and live up to them, but also to defend myself.  It has shaped my mind, body and spirit.  There are seven stepping stones (tenets) that have made me a better person.  All of these tenets; integrity, concentration, perseverance, respect & obedience, self-control, humility and indomitable spirit are all integral to being the best you can be.

  Brandon Robinson

Many times in life, different and seeming unrelated events coincide with each other in such a way that they appear to be meant to be together.  The test for E Dan epitomizes my current struggles.  It will be a difficult one for me physically, but I know, as long as I give it everything I can I will come away victorious and with a sense of pride.

  Charlie Davis

I believe you can not be at your personal physical best unless you combine the two components of weight training and martial arts together.  I think that I will gradually continue to make improvements in the fitness and martial arts, to be the best I possible can be and look forward to making contributions to our art and making World Tang Soo Do a life long endeavor!

  Sarrah Krayeski

         Goals are what we set our standards by.  They are what we set so we can have a sense of accomplishment.  So if we decided that our goal was to become Black belt and we worked to achieve that goal, we would set another goal to become an E Dan.  Personal goals are needed in our life whether it may be to race to get the first seat or become President of the USA.   Goals are everything in life.  Sitting down and planning your goals are half the battle.  With the proper tools and some time to think about yourself and where you want to go in life will start you out on a successful path and leave you feeling good about yourself.  TSD is great in a lot of ways.  You interact mind, body, and spirit all in ONE.  And through the course of time you are in Karate you see yourself develop and mature.  Seeing this in yourself is a great feeling and should be passed on friend to friend.  TSD is a family in which inspires and makes you want to learn more about yourself and what you can do to improve.  Congratulations TSD for your SUCCESS!!!!!!

                                                  TANG SOO!!!!!!!!!!! 

Cho Dan         
  Rebekah Reynolds         

  Joe Dafcik

  Jason Collins

It is an honor and delight for every colored belt in Tang Soo Do to be able to accomplish such a task. But just like life, when you complete a difficult task, there is another one waiting for you to work hard at again. This is why I will continue my training, working hard to become even stronger, more knowledgeable and more respectful. With a Tang Soo trained mind I can do anything.

Drennen Morris

What Tang Soo Do has done for me is it has made me better at everything that I do in life. It has made me better in sports like wrestling and track. Also has helped me to focus and concentrate on my schoolwork and homework. I do so much better in school and sports than before and I plan on doing Tang Soo Do for the rest of my life.

Frankie Davis

Tang Soo Do is my favorite activity. I plan on practicing the martial arts for many years. I’ve learned many skills and I practice them all the time. I look forward to continuing my training.

Eric Cooley

As I have made many gains and I am on the path to becoming a complete person. My everyday attempts to be patient, respecting, cooperative, and trusting will be more accessible if I choose evenness, balance and continue to bring together my mind, body and spirit. The more I incorporate Tang Soo Do with what I have learned, achieved, my goals and plans, my attitude and my everyday life as a whole, the better off I and others around me will be.