Springville Tang Soo Do

Zen Garden

I created this garden to be a relaxing and calming experience with trees, shrubs flowers vines, and ornamental grasses of varying species to please the eye-----

This garden has a maze of winding paths, a koi pond, a meandering stream, diverse rock patterns and plenty of benches/structures to sit, relax and reflect while enjoying nature's beauty mixed with man's handiwork----

My inspiration for this garden was my youthful imagination of what the Hanging Gardens of Babylon looked like----

I want to dedicate this garden to my Mother and Grandmother who inspired me to appreciate trees, shrubs, flowers, nature and animals. 

There is a whole ecosystem going on!!!


          1     60' by 200' area
          1     koi pond(16' by 33') with a
           bridge across it and a waterfall
          1     meandering stream
          1     Gazebo
          1     Pogoda
          2     Pergolas
         10    Arbors
         51    ton of gravel
         130  pallets of stone
         15    tons of sand
         Hundreds of varieties of trees, shrubs,
 flowers, vines,and grasses

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